C.B.T Cafes
Cake Before Therapy and Cocktails Before Therapy

The concept of the Cake Before Therapy (or C.B.T café) started between Emma and Sophie in a cake shop. Cake, of course, was the most important part. 

Emma and Sophie each have lived experience of mental health issues both rooted in trauma though from very different circumstances.  It was a twist of fate that after many years of losing touch they bumped into each other, totally out of the blue.  They then discovered what each other was going through and could not quite believe how they were going through such similar experiences. 

From then, as part of their recovery the two women started to meet weekly in varying London cafés to sample all the best varieties of cake they could. Why? Well because cake is good for the soul, of course. So, over cake, the two started sharing their recovery stories. 

They came up with a vision to create a safe environment where people feel comfortable to learn and talk openly about mental health and try and break through the stigma and fear associated with it.  They aim to create a space where people can drop in, unwind and learn, and what better way to do this than over a cup of tea and cake.  After all, mental health is for everyone, just like cake!

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Upcoming C.B.T Cafes
WLS -  26th June 2018

Past C.B.T Cafes 
Rough Trade East - May 2008
WLS - 24th April 2018
WLS - 6th March 2018
Golders Green - 20th February 2018
Ridley Road Market Bar (Cocktails Before Therapy) - 10th December 2017
WLS - 7th November 2017